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Sabtu, 22 September 2012


M.O.G.S.A.W (Messenger Of God SAW)

Uhmm,…There’s no…reason… to denied you
You’re a descent…of the world of the Universe
How can’t I ain’t love you…even I never felt your breathe
You’re a miracle…the poetry of paradise

The M.O.G … I can feel… all…

Your…Existance…innersoul…can I be…
One…of your love…one to serve you…
I’ll…give my life…all my life…I’m yours…your martyr

Alone…penceiving…in silent dark before going down

And now…you’ll see…what you’ve done to me
When I’m crying to myself…I realized that you’re the one
Imagine if you’re not mine … I will defenetely blind

You…change.. your vision…control your LUST…believe me

cuz everything will be proved with the truth at the last
Death soon will come… God never shows…you’ll never
know wether you meet the dark or you’ll be in the bright

So know…become …martyr…no fear

Death soon will comes…and God never shows

How’d you prepare your end if you can’t take care your soul
World just deceit …and a place for a joke
Angel of death will choke in your breath

No one can help you…when God smack your face

No one can help you … dead and buried in the narrow grave


Munafik dusta ingkar arogan sombong angkuh takabur riya bakhil kikir iri
dengki sirik curang hasad hasud fitnah khianat keparat !!!

Bicara soal hati nurani rasanya ku tak pernah bohongi diri (Bohong)

Bicara tentang kata hati rasanya aku ingin terus memaki (Memaki)
Omong-omong soal kemunafikan
kita semua punya kekurangan (Munafik)
Omong-omong soal harga diri kita semua belum tentu memiliki

Nafsu syahwat palsu bejad

Sick fake freak hipocrishit

Tuhan jangan biarkan aku jatuh jauh

kelembah nista yang semakin dalam (Nista)
Jangan biarkan aku terkurung dalam
kehinaan dan kemunafikan (Hina)
Aku hina dan kotor serta tak pantas masuk kedalam surga Mu (Surga)
Ku juga lemah dan tak tahan akan panasnya api neraka Mu

God Help Im’ drown

God Forgive me, God Forgive me

When the sun arise from west (arise from west)

When the sin out of the demon ass (the demon ass)
We will pay what we have done before (we’ve done before)
Through the pain, or no limit pleasure (Hipocrishit)

God help I’m sick

God forgive I’m weak


I wouldn’t believe it, I’ll fight and died for nothin’
Such a marvelous nightmare or such a horrible dream
Structure sick society, everything down to the deep shit
Talk random weird thing, in a mental institution
You’re not my angel, I rejected become your victim
Dying with your spell, searching love in dweeling hell
Death smile to all, and we just can smile back
In the darkness, in the shadow, never talk bout that before

I need to know, I need to know

Why’s everything abuse, insulted me in these sadness sorrow
I need…


I need eyes to see everything inside,inside
Underworld antic and WRATH absurdities collide,collide
Particulie hideous freak,mysterious fatous device,device
Deep in counciousness and disobey my God

Have you ever been in a place where you hopes are gone?

I am so alone
Under pressure, where people don’t want to understand?
Crowded inside my head
Oh God
I couldn’t hold myself to kill someone

I’m not insane,you never know inside my heart

Just holding my pain, until I meet my Almighty GOD


Kau tahu aku s lalu katakan kebenaran, walau terasa pahit berat dan takut akan hukuman, yang menunggu, menanti menggigil berkeringat, sekarat, terkurung, terhina, terpaksa ternoda, oleh lumpur nista membuat orang tertawa terbahak tak pernah berkaca, bercermin, melihat, memandang, mendengar, belajar,
berpikir, merenung, berdo a, bertanya,
mengapa sampai ada kebusukan, kelicikan, kepalsuan, kemunafikan
Akupun tahu kalau kau pengecut yang s lalu ngomong dibelakang berbisik, menghasut, memfitnah, menjilat, bergunjing kesana-kemari sambil korupsi, manipulasi, konspirasi, provokasi, kadang keprostitusi, jual harga diri, halalkan segala cara, tanpa takut dosa, tuk raih kedudukan, jabatan, uang, harta, wanita,
yang butakan mata, merasuk jiwa,semakin parah, kloter neraka
Why you think the world was everything? spent your life and try to find nothin'. Things go from bad to worst as it all become about the money and materialism, trapped inside lifestyle obssesion, keep your mind hangin' on suspicions, as hard as you can, never thought bout improvement, self destruction and boring life, ultimately we're all a dead man. OK,.. Fine,.. Fine in this perfect world your fine, raped and bondage, are you out of your fuckin' mind? PRIDE lost in the dark and silent complete, like so many others you just become a slave.
I wanna see you with your smile,when you know the end is come

And the tears is going down, it's too late to make it right

Impious, punk!!
Outrageous, bitch!!
You're all, ready, dead
You're just, blind and deaf
Orang buta tak sama dengan orang yang melihat,
orang tuli tak sama dengan orang yang mendengar,
orang bisu tak sama dengan orang yang berkata
orang bodoh tak sama dengan orang yang berakal
kita hanya seorang hamba,kita hanya seorang hamba.


you told me how fragile you are
you told me almost drown and die
ask yourself if you're happy
still hide can’t face reality

life too short,why you waste of it

pain yourself,all the words is fake
look at the mirror and see your ego reflection
you're the one who lied and it has become a reason

you slave,served the devilshit inside

don't know it's wrong or right
you hate,served devilshit inside
don't know it's wrong or right

if you refuse Him,broke everything inside ..burn everything inside

I can't help you,No God inside your heart,there's something must to fight

you just so proud of yourself natural pointless I’ve ever made

how to lie how to fake
all this shit for the beautifull world of deceit
you don’t know what or who to trust
feel with anger and disgust can’t ignore the path of live
just leave it and close the holy book of lies,.,.,.,
just leave it
just leave it and close the holy book of lies.,.,

all you need are all needles

what you got is dead alone
love lead yourself to ground zero
growing spot to smoking pot
more crank more coke with your death
supposed you’ve heard a voice inside
you ain’t got nothing against your GOD

you ain’t got nothing against your GOD

broke everything inside …like you always done before

broke everything inside …. intoxicated your soul
just leave it,just leave it and close the holy book of lies
just leave it,just leave it and close the holy book of lies
just leave it,just leave it and close the holy book of lies
just leave it,just leave it and close the holy book of lies

you slave,served the devilshit inside

don't know it's wrong or right
you hate,served devilshit inside
don't know it's wrong or right

if you refuse Him,broke everything inside ..burn everything inside

I can't help you,No GOD inside your heart,there's something must to fight

if you refuse Him,broke everything inside (burn everything inside U)

burn everything inside (burn everything inside U)
I can't help you,No GOD inside your heart,there's something must to fight
(burn everything inside YOU)

Inside (burn everything inside YOU)

Inside U (burn everything inside YOU)


(you feel paranoid)
(you smoke marijuana)
bicara seperti tahu semua masalah dunia
tak peduli orang yang benci dan
merasa diri suci dan
menganggap orang rendah
percuma memang percuma
dia pikir kita gila (paranoia)
kau bilang koruptor itu sampah
kau bilang pejabat itu rendah
kau bilang hakim itu serakah
kau bilang jaksa pun tukang paksa
kau bilang polisi mati rasa
kau bilang prampok di singgasana
celaka kau tak sadar juga
ocehanmu semakin parah
Wake up, don’t you think you’re just too high?
You can not choose wrong or right
Your mouth can’t talk at the right side
I know you just need some light
mengapa bisuku ingin dengar suaramu
mengapa malu ikuti suara hatimu
lupakan semua jangan pernah kau kembali
basuhlah hati nurani
I’m tired of waiting
When stupidity fuck up your mind
I’m trapped in boredom
When nobody makes my day
I’m overburdened


Your people, your people, never look into the mirror
all your girls, all your girls, the wicked of the devil
and we forget what you’ve done, having sex having fun
in your place all is free, it’s gotta be misery
you disrespect territory, it’s better save than sorry
play the game, pay the price, feel the pain right on your ass
fuck your game, fuck your game, you’re fucking no you’re insane
What goes up, must come down, we’re all die, we’re all gone
You can call us sanctimonious
we can call you blasphemous lascivious
so don’t fuck us and our religious
cause we don’t compromise with the devil anthropomorphous
You suck, we don’t, ’cause you’re pissed, we’re calm down
Your promise, it’s bullshit, you act like all are stupid
Now you fell, down ground zero, blame your self, nothing more
When death comes, knock your door, where’ll you run, where’ll you go
We’re waiting, awareness, confession, forgiveness
Can’t believe what you see, can’t believe what you feel
More power spread the fear, we defend, we’re martyrs
Our pain our blood, our faith just for God
kuat selalu menindas yang lemah
buas layak binatang di rimba
rakus tak pernah puas cari mangsa
brutal gila perang dan haus darah
menghasut menghina, tanpa rasa bersalah
menindas menginjak, sombong dan sok kuasa
propaganda provokasi, intimidasi hegemoni
arogansi hipokrisi, politik konspirasi
hak asasi manusia, itu cuma retorika
menentang membela, peluru dalam kepala
demokrasi transparansi, hanya di dalam mimpi
konsep tolol ekonomi, jelata gigit jari
sok kuasa sok hebat sok jago sok penting
sok tulus sok pintar sok tahu sok arif
sok bijak sok elok sok ramah sok elit
sok kaya sok cerdik sok santun sok macho
sok yakin sok ganteng sok tampan sok asik
sok cantik sok seksi sok suci sok metal


Wake up in the morning in the bathroom
on the wet floor, piss on my face
Stink like a dog shit, knock with my forehead
cuz in my hand there’s a needle and I still can move it
to the left and right or up and down, it’s stupid, fuck
sucking on motherfucking drugs
Morphine, crack, cannabis, dope spread and struggle inside me
and they rape me constantly
never sure with myself, can’t get better
selling my soul, I’m losing control, serve the devil shit inside of me
useless, life’s meaningless, forget the trust and the confidence
in disgrace, soiled face, they talk to much shit and everything’s just a lie
Here I am, my friend, a garbage can
ready to wear, ready to use, ready to suck every damn thing you own
I’ll bury your ass slowly, took all of your misery
some kind of destiny, or starvation gluttony
lot of pain, lot of bullshit, lot of game, I’m not ashamed
while you treated me like a lovely friend
I’m the only pathetic parasite
realized, I scrape your wound with my fork
It’s me so pathetic, the drugs makes me fanatic
It’s me parasite, don’t you ever exist before my sight
(para…site )
I believe one day before I get bored to stay
You’ll see me in forgiveness, God
You can’t count on anyone except yourself
The only thing to fear is just fear itself
It’s major pain in the ass, always making the mess
Are you happy as the human race?


I (You don’t know who I am)

Can (try to understand)
Find … (Unsophisticated)
Way Out … (Ubsurdities)
Cra … ( brain dysfunction)
Dle … (Electric shock)
Your … (crime of passion)
Poi..son …
I can.t find the way out
You cradle me with your poison
Bothering me, ENVY was a mistake
You… Create this waste
Hopeless… What the fuck are you expected?
Madness… You can call me negative
Sadness … Couldn’t choke back the pain
Sickness… Never ending vein
Drown … Look at me… I’m drag down
( Overbearing and suffering)


I know you hated me, there’s THAT’S not scared me
Arrogant pump ass, too much magic dust
Built the casino, created club disco
Singing at karaoke, gambling inside VIP
Bullshit works 24 hours a day
Selfish fuck just stay away
Sold out alotta coke, generation broke
Make my patience gone
Words all lies Deeper inside
Shoot and die Better than alive
Fuck a deejay, it’s all I got to say
Crackwhore act, drugs dealer back
Spread the disease, share the junkies
Underlink evil spirit, and sick with all your shit
Money, prestige, power, sex
Everything is okay with your cheque
Liberal jerk off, depressed idiot
Sex garage, club asshole
Words all lies Deeper inside Shoot you die If greed still in your mind
Words all lies Deeper inside Shoot and die Better than alive
What are you looking from all of this ?
Who did you want (it) to be ?
Can you feel all of this shit ?
Or is it make you happy ?
That pushes you to do what you do
So fuck you and your point of view
I know you hated me, there’s THAT’S not scared me 3x
Corruptor syndrome, e.t. type shit
Aren’t you ashamed of your self
You don’t have to bite my head